2 Thugs Do UNTHINKABLE to White Pizza Delivery Boy, ‘Black Lives Matter’ SILENT

When white Americans are attacked by black Americans, do the media or activists take a second glance? Of course not — just as no one knew this crime had happened.

In Mount Clemens, Michigan, Alexander William Burkart, 22, was out delivering pizzas when he was stabbed to death by two black males before crashing his car due to his injuries. Despite the horrible details of this crime, the media and the BLM movement glossed over it, via Fox News.

These two individuals, who were called “local gangbangers,” had had similar incidents with police officers prior to being caught for this crime. And it seems as though it wasn’t just robbery that motivated them to kill Burkart.

One of the perpetrators, Deandre Arnold, 18, was arrested after investigators recognized him on a surveillance video that was close to where the crime took place. Arnold was convicted of felony murder, and the other man, Jayvon Cates, was also arrested.

And yet no one has heard of this crime, and no one even remembers it. Why? Because it was two black men attacking and killing a white man. If the situation were reversed, it would be on every major mainstream media site and would still be referred to in the present.

The crime against Burkart is not the only incident — there have been other attacks and killings that the media and the BLM movement refuse to address because it hurts their narrative that only white people can be driven to violence by racism.

To say the least, even though the BLM movement claims to be for the empowerment of African Americans and seeking social justice, their main goals seem to be property destruction and horrible violence directed towards our police officers.

How does this empower blacks or any minority? How is attacking and threatening to kill people who are white, conservative, or police officers any way to get a message across? They call police “pigs” and threaten to take over instead of speaking for peace.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched for civil rights in America, he did so peacefully. He wanted to be equal — he wanted his people to be equal, but he knew that violence was not the way to bring it about. And they were successful.

Now, we have the BLM movement, which shows how far black empowerment movements have fallen since the death of Martin Luther King. They claim to want to make black lives better, yet they support Democrats who keep them down and attack police officers who are there to serve their communities.

When will the BLM movement and the mainstream media recognize that all attacks and murders are wrong, not just the murders of black Americans? They may not like it, but ALL lives do matter, and it’s about time the people of America recognize that. This boy’s death should not be ignored because of the color of his skin, period.

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