5 Ways to Spot A Psychopath


In the 1800s, doctors who treated mental patients noticed some of them being outwardly normal and termed the occurrence as “moral depravity” or “moral insanity” as they were unable to have a sense of ethics of the rights of other people. The term psychopath was coined in the early 1900s, and was changed to sociopath later around 1930.

Psychopathy has quite an interesting history. The truth is that it is a real condition affecting a lot of people. Sociopaths act on their disturbing impulses and endanger society – look no further than the recent Orlando massacre. While all the details are not yet clear, the shooter was clearly a sociopath who saw a happy place of dancing, laughing and love as a place to kill people who lived differently.

Of course, not all people with sociopathic tendencies are violent – it’s the way a person acts to their impulses that’s dangerous. But, how can we tell if someone’s a sociopath? Here are 5 signs which you should learn to recognize:

  1. A condescending, disingenuous attitude

Contrary to what you may think, a psychopath won’t yell or scream at you during an argument. They’ll try to summon your anger through their facial expression and arrogant tone – they want to see an emotional outburst from you in order to satisfy their twisted needs.

  1. They are looking for undeserved pity and sympathy

Psychopaths love playing with your emotions. They get enjoyment from it and by playing on your emotions they are manipulating you to their gain. They often tell fake stories that touch us in order to gain attention. That’s what they’re after – huge attention. Once they receive it, they’ll start their sick schemes to gain something for themselves.

  1. A history of lying and excuse making

A psychopath is almost always a liar who makes excuses. If you criticize their acting, they’ll come up with a reason for their performance. A psychopath also rationalizes their manipulative behavior and never works on its improvement.

  1. They will ignore you

Psychopaths are masters of manipulation and will always find ways to damage your self-esteem. They do that by ignoring people that love them, which gives them satisfaction and a sense of superiority.

  1. You are a different person emotionally and mentally

Interacting with a psychopath for a longer period can result in feelings of confusion and discombobulation of your mental and emotional state. Remember – psychopaths only care about themselves, and are not concerned by the damage they do.

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