6 Teen Girls Will NEVER Be The Same Just 2 Weeks After Canada Opens Their Doors To Filthy Muslim Savages

When it comes to President Trump’s migrant ban, it seems like everyone has a freaking opinion. That includes George Soros’ little puppet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who came out bashing our president a couple weeks ago, Tweeting out to all Muslim migrants “Welcome to Canada” while opening his borders to anyone wanting in. Now this idiot is getting a brutal taste of Islam, right across his big fat mouth.

It only takes a few functioning brain cells to fully comprehend the reason for President Trump’s migrant ban. It’s obviously a way to keep us safe from these third world country degenerates, who want to come to America to blow us up. But of course the twits on the left continue to assert the ban is “racist” and that President Trump is a bigot. But we’ve seen the harsh reality of what happens when unvetted hordes of migrants are allowed to invade a country, just take a look at Europe who continues to have their land and people ravaged by these vermin. Now thanks to the Canadian Prime Minster’s brazen stupidity, it looks like Canada will be the next in line to be destroyed by Muslim terrorists, disguised like “war-torn” refugees.

Jihadwatch just broke a horrifying story of a Syrian refugee who set his sites on six teenage girls while they were swimming at a water park over the weekend, and sexually assaulted them. Police responded to a call at West Edmonton Mall waterpark, after the distraught teenage girls approached a lifeguard with their harrowing story.

“The girls were very courageous in coming forward and talking to the lifeguard, that’s not always the case,” EPS spokesperson Scott Pattison said. “It’s very traumatizing and I’m sure it made them feel extremely vulnerable so they deserve our support.”

The 39-year-old assailant was Syrian refugee Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, who came to Canada to supposedly flee his war-ravaged country. But just like many Syrian refugees, their ties to radical Islam and their inherent nature to rape and destroy whatever is in their line of sight could not be contained, despite how many hugs and free candy their new country provides them with.

This is just yet another example of why anyone opposing President Trump’s ban is a freaking moron. Good job Prime Minister Trudeau. Mark my words: This is only the beginning of your country going down the sh*tter. In a year or so, you and Angela Merkell can get together and discuss how you’ve managed to completely destroy your countries with migrants over a cup of tea!

H/T [Jihad Watch, The Hill]

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