Al Sharpton Just Crawled Out From Under Rock To Take From Obama’s Playbook With Lurid Accusation Against Trump

It wasn’t all that long ago when racial charlatans like the Reverend. Jesse Jackson and the Reverend Al Sharpton were visiting Trump Towers in midtown Manhattan looking for donations.

In fact, the Reverend Al once referenced Trump in an interview saying; “His father was a successful real estate guy, but they were Queens guys. They were outer borough [and] had to break into the big Manhattan aristocracy. He was an outsider, rich, but an outsider. He was not part of the Manhattan elite. So, he always had this outsider feeling, us against them. So, in many ways, when I read people talk about, ‘Well, do you have a billionaire as a populist?’ He does feel like he’s one of the guys.”

Now the Reverend Al accuses the president of “priding himself” in pandering to hate groups in America.

Suggesting the president has become a “symbol of Northern bigotry” and reducing the presidency to ‘name calling and exorcising his grudges and vengeance.”

Regardless of the fact that in less than one year since he’s been in office African American’s are now enjoying the highest rate of employment within the last 20-years, combined with the highest rate of new business ownership in history.

According to Newsweek Sharpton continued his attack on the president stating; “He has really prided himself in becoming something that plays to small segment of America that’s hateful, that’s trying to go to the past.”

Moreover, the president’s poll numbers seem to suggest that America is indeed a divided nation. In a new Rasmussen poll conducted just this week, 45% of likely voters think the president is doing a good job, while 53% disapprove.

This is the lowest ever of a modern-day president at the end of his first year in office. Ironically according to CNN another Republican president didn’t do much better and in fact was the “runner-up” to President Trump with a 49% approval rating also within his first year in office, his name was President Ronald Reagan.

Who went on to become perhaps one of the greatest presidents within the last 100-years.

Do you believe the mainstream media’s hate for President Trump will continue beyond his first term?

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