Al Sharpton Told Blacks To Kill Cops In A Speech, But He Didn’t Know The Camera Was ON!

Al Sharpton is a known hack who has done nothing but race bait and promote hateful rhetoric, and this video proves it.

“I don’t believe in marching! I believe in offing the pigs! Well, they got pigs out here! You ain’t offed one of them,” Al Sharpton stated in 1992 at King College, New Jersey. “What I believe in I do. You do what you believe in, or shut up and admit you’ve lost your guts.”

During the 2016 election, both Clinton and Sanders met up with Sharpton for advice on gaining votes in black communities. Neither one of them have condemned him for calling for attacks on our police officers. And I’m sure his words serve as encouragement for the Black Lives Matter movement.

I am all for our freedom of speech, but even that has limitations, such as threatening someone’s life or calling for the men and women on our police forces to get killed. Both are downright abominable.

But this is not a surprise coming from Al Sharpton’s mouth, who in the video is shouting his racist diatribe to his followers. Whenever he’s in public, he says the exact same thing, but he just tones it down to seem more innocent.

The worst thing is that the mainstream media could care less about this video that shows Sharpton calling police officers “pigs” and saying that anyone who is walking down the street deserves to be killed just because of the color of their skin.

And yet, the media will point fingers at Donald Trump and call him a racist all because he wants to secure our border with Mexico, despite that not being an issue of race—it’s an issue of people staying in our country illegally and not contributing.

It’s all too apparent that there is a double standard in the media today. Republicans do one thing and they are called out and demonized, but Democrats do the same exact thing and they are praised by liberals everywhere. Obama initially called for a wall to be built on our southern border when he ran for office, and the people loved it. Now that Trump is saying it, he’s a racist. Liberals just don’t make sense.

As soon as Donald Trump got elected, there was rioting in the streets, and liberals have been attacking white people they believe to be Trump supporters. And the media could care less—instead they focus on the horrible things Trump is allegedly going to do and ignore what is happening to innocent Americans.

There have been increases in fake hate crimes against minorities and real hate crimes against white people, yet the media distort this truth. They like to pick and choose what the American people get to know, but they can’t ignore this. Al Sharpton is a civil rights activist who once called for white people’s blood. How is this not an issue?

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