American Spies Fear Putin Building Nuclear Arsenal For World War Three

Hollywood’s favorite on-screen baddies, the Russians, are supposedly developing a range of nuclear weapons with new missiles and bunkers added by the day, which America sees as a clear signal of their intentions to start World War Three.


According to the Daily Star, American spies have found evidence which documents that Russian officials are overhauling numerous nuclear shelters that could become their command-and-go bunkers. The bunkers are supposedly in the Ural Mountains, specifically at Mount Yamantau, where intelligence officers believe that there’s a massive underground base where the Russian military and government should hide in case of a nuclear war.

Russia’s new Satan-2 ICBM super-weapon is another concern – it’s basically a smaller Death Star that could wipe out continents! According to the Daily Star, Russia also has plans for a new bomber that could drop bombs from outer space.

The fearless Russian leader Vladimir Putin is still a bit sore about the collapse of the Soviet Union, and wants to regain lost territories often against the wishes of the countries he’s trying to invade. NATO has been trying to stop the recent aggression and is adding more forces on Russian borders, but who could tell what happens next? You never know with Putin.


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