Ann Coulter Exposed Every Racist LIE Michelle Obama Ever Told To AMERICA

Conservative author Ann Coulter is known for her take-no-prisoners attitude and is never afraid to tell it like it is, even if it means hurting delicate, flowery liberal feelings.

Coulter recently appeared on Fox News where she took on Michelle Obama for making racially charged statements during a commencement speech, and what she said totally destroyed the First Lady.

This is awesome.

Speaking at Tuskegee University over the weekend, Obama said she was the “focus of another set of questions and speculations” because of her race.

Coulter unleashed in an interview with Sean Hannity, saying, “I think she’s just letting out her Reverend Wright now.”

Coulter contended Democratic policies have been detrimental to the black community and the country, taking particular aim at affirmative action.

“Yes, America does owe black America for slavery, for the Democratic policies of Jim Crow,” Coulter added. “I think we’ve — we’re making it up now, when you’re getting admitted to Princeton when you can’t read, is that enough yet?”

Coulter then moved on to discussing the notion of “peaceful” protesters in Baltimore, basically saying there weren’t any.

“This nonsense about the peaceful protesters. No, I want a milk carton for, ‘Has anyone seen a peaceful protester in Baltimore?’ As if work-a-day blacks are rushing out to protest Freddie Gray. No they aren’t,” she said.

Coulter is pretty much spot on with everything she said.

The reason so many inner cities are in turmoil and chaos is because of a lack of opportunity, and the lack of opportunity is due to failed Democratic policies that overtax people and businesses, stifling job growth.

Michelle Obama is simply doing her part in the race game to keep America divided, to set up the “us vs. them” scenario so that Democrats can paint themselves up to be champions for minority causes, when in reality, they just want to keep them voting for lefty candidates.

Liberals don’t care about racial equality, they only care about keeping the power for themselves, and in order to do that, they make minorities believe they’re here to help, when really, they’re only here to keep everyone down and out.

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