Bad News For Obama After Terrified Teen Tells What Just Happened To Her In White House

With just over a week left of the Obamas occupying the White House, an 18-year-old family friend was invited to come by to spend some time with them in the presidential palace before it’s all packed up and they’re gone for good. However, not long after her arrival, the girl’s visit took a terrifying turn for the worse and now she’s asking for help, which is now not looking too good for Barack Obama.

What was first described as some innocent “petting and kissing” gone wrong has now led to photo proof of what happened to her leaking out on social media. The girl is left scarred for life and our president for the next seven days is strangely silent about it, other than trying to bury the event with innocuous news to discredit the victim and distract from her story.

The teen was greeted by the Obama’s two Portuguese water dogs, Bo and Sunny, after stopping by, when she leaned down to love on Sunny who didn’t reciprocate as expected to her affection. As she went in to hug the 4-year-old pet and give him a peck, Sunny bit her face, barely missing her eye, but leaving a deep gash above her cheekbone.


According to TMZ, the girl had a gash under her right eye and had to get stitches after she was examined by the family’s physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson. “She’s gonna be okay, but we’re told she’ll likely have a small scar, which upset her,” TMZ noted, the Daily Caller reported. “She posted various pics of the injury and her visit to Dr. Jackson on social media.”

While it’s good that she’s going to be okay, the girl will be left with a scar on her face from that visit, not unlike the scar Obama has left on this country after eight years of his failed leadership and destructive policies. It would be wise for him to at least address the incident with an apology since she made her story public, but doubtful he would ever accept responsibility for this since he hasn’t for anything else.

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