What Barron Trump Did With His Baby Nephew While Trump Signed Orders Just SHOCKED Everyone!

Donald Trump was sworn in as president on Friday, surrounded by his family. His wife, Melania, was there, along with his children, most of whom are adults. But Barron, his youngest, is just 10 years old… yet he still managed to steal the spotlight from his dad, for at least a few minutes.

Politics can be pretty boring for a kid, so Barron found himself a way to pass to time. As Trump signed orders after being sworn in, he was again surrounded by his family, including Barron and his grandchildren. And Barron decided to have a little fun while he waited by playing peek-a-boo with his nephew. Theodore is the son of Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, and was being entertained by his older uncle while his grandfather worked.

Meanwhile, Ivanka’s daughter, Arabella, stood next to Trump and didn’t hide her boredom at all, drumming her fingers on the table as he worked.

Melania has described Barron as a “little Donald”. And this adorable video has just gotten him tons of attention. What a great uncle!


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