Black Lives ‘Fecal’ Matter Activist: ‘Kill All White Babies’ — VIDEO!

Here’s a racist welfare crackhead dirt-bag with animal like behavior who perpetrates murder of little white babies.

Big Booty Judy is at it again! Hating on those white babies!

Look at this dump-truck looking racist in action!

Why would she say that?

Because she’s a liberal or a democrat and they are usually the most racist and violent people you can find. They preach about tolerance, but they don’t tolerate anyone.

What would happen if all the little white babies exploded today? I’ll tell you what would happen, besides a giant mess.

The working middle class would cease to exist and the crack head savages like this woman would no longer get their welfare checks. No one would be around to pay taxes. It would be a mess. We need those little white babies to grow up and contribute, something this lady obviously does not do.

This woman is an embarrassment to the African Americans in our country. She makes black people look bad like Dylan Roof makes white people look bad. Black Americans are NOT like her. But we know, every race, religion, and gender (male or female) has their bottom of the barrel and this woman lives at the bottom for sure.

Just look at her. She’s a filthy pig with no respectable parts about her. She probably just smoked an ounce of wet and is about to strip naked in the street like the overweight girls on drugs always do in the hood. Here’s her full racist rant.

She’s a bottom dwelling, self righteous, racist hag and she needs serious help. Maybe her friends and family can help her. Maybe she can pay for mental health services with food-stamps instead of trading the stamps for cash to buy a new iPhone. We know she isn’t spending her money to get her “hair did” so that’s out of the question.

This hateful racist bigot is in the lead to win the BIGGEST PIECE OF SH*T AWARD of 2017.

Here’s a challenge. Find us more people like her so we can post their videos. Send them in the comments or to our Facebook page!

Happy new year and don’t be like this leech who takes advantage of us hard working tax payers.

Remember folks, Trump wants to work TOGETHER.

Except, I don’t think that’s possible with this lady’s attitude. She needs help. Someone call her a doctor.

Maybe, Dr. Kevorkian?

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