BOOM! Anchorwoman FIRED for Supporting Donald Trump, Goes NUCLEAR in Epic Rant

The only reality that this would make sense in is the reality that exists in Obama’s America. Liberals have got to be the most annoying and obnoxious living thing on planet earth. They are like a species entirely on their own….one that are probably closest related to the cockroach family. They will probably always be around…even when the rest of us aren’t anymore.

It is the liberals that take their place as a keyboard warrior and post their unwanted opinion all day everyday on their social media accounts, regardless of who they are hurting in the process. However, when it’s a conservative sharing their opinion…everything changes. A conservative does not get the same courtesy of utilizing their First Amendment. At least not without consequence…and in this case, a very DIRE consequence.

According to

Scarlett Fakhar, use to work for Houston Chronicle, now she’s been fired, hence, the word ‘use’. The reason she got fired is what will make you LIVID!

She stated, “Reporters at my station are allowed to espouse their liberal views on-air and on their public work pages, but I’m not allowed to write my conservative views on my personal page for friends. There is without a doubt a double standard,” via WND.

Fakhar took to her personal Facebook page, and there expressed her gratitude and joy over learning that Donald Trump had won the election and had become our President-elect 2017!



Well, some triggered safe place seeking keyboard warrior A-HOLE took a screenshot of her fb update and somehow got it to be viewed by her superiors at work.

These douche bag superiors then took it upon themselves to be the boss of her personal life and demanded that she apologize for her post.

Excuse me? Apologize for being happy and sharing it on her personal facebook page?

Look I don’t care if they told her superiors or the master of the freaking universe…it was NONE of their business, and telling her to apologize for having an opinion is shit. Excuse my french, when people are stupid…bad words just happen.

Stupid people suck. <—-Not politically correct, go tell my superiors.

“But I didn’t write that apology,” Fakhar said. “They wrote it for me. They copy and pasted it to my Facebook page. And that’s how that apology originated.”

For the love of chandeliers…WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?

Who are they trying to appease by writing up a FAKE apology? Inbreds.

However, she later took it down because she did not believe she should have to apologize for expressing her opinion. And really, she shouldn’t have to, but it seems that in the media, you have to be a liberal to be entitled to your opinion.

As long as your opinion doesn’t differ from anyone else’s, you’re allowed to express it, but when they find out it’s different, they get “offended” and fire you. They made a weak claim that she violated her contract, but it does not appear that she did.

There wasn’t anything in her contract that stated employees could not express their opinions on their own private Facebook pages or other social media pages. Apparently, there was an employee handbook that prohibited posting things that could hurt the station, but really, how does that hurt the station?

The stupidity of this is giving me a headache. Think I’ll call it a night.

They can take their contract and shove it up their you know what.

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