BREAKING: Here’s How Trump Just Got Alec Baldwin FIRED From Saturday Night Live

The scene a few minutes ago outside of 30 Rockefeller Place in New York City was somber…if you’re a bleeding heart liberal who loves Alec Baldwin. There were tears, hugs and even some screaming as the funny man, who Donald Trump has decided is no longer funny, left the building, escorted by security, after being fired from Saturday Night live.

Baldwin, who didn’t officially work for the show but was a regular contributor, was told on Friday by President-elect Trump that he could either give up his horrible impressions or face the consequences. Baldwin, thinking he’s invincible and that his acting is a form of expression covered under the 1st Amendment that should be sacred to an incoming president, went on the air and made Trump look stupid anyway.

Trump then put a plan in motion that Baldwin will be crying over for years. Trump, as everyone knows, has a major stake in NBC. Since he’s renounced his business dealings and given all of his power to his sons, who also looked like blithering idiots on the show, he cleverly had Donald Jr. contact the network execs, giving them an ultimatum: lose Baldwin or lose Trump. The network quickly decided that Trump is a much more valuable asset, since he can obviously use his position and power to help them get ahead, and fired Baldwin on the spot.

So without doing anything himself and with absolutely no conflict of interest, Trump managed to get a Hollywood actor fired from his job. Now that’s the kind of use of power that makes Donald Trump special. Hopefully we see a lot more of it.


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