Something very VERY strange is happening in Colorado.

Check this out…

From CT:

Efforts by traitorous electors in Colorado to derail President-elect Donald Trump have fallen apart at the seams, courtesy of Second Judicial District Judge Elizabeth Starrs, who ruled Tuesday that they must vote for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or face the brutal consequences.

As noted by The Associated Press, though Clinton won Colorado during the 2016 election, the state’s electors hoped to thwart Trump by not voting for her — as confusing as that sounds — and instead directing their vote toward a “compromise presidential candidate other than Donald Trump.”

The deliriously insane goal behind this outrageous scheme was to install another Republican — Mitt Romney, for example — in the White House by teaming up with other electors and ensuring he (or she, for that matter) received 270 votes. Leading them was Michael Baca, who according to Bustle felt that Trump did not “make the cut.”

Because of Judge Starrs, however, the efforts of Baca and his peers failed — not that they had stood a chance anyway.

Specifically, Starrs ruled that they must vote for Clinton and that any electors who pledged to do otherwise would be replaced when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19. Moreover, the electors could potentially face up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine if they were to vote for someone besides Clinton.

What’s more, Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a Republican, has warned that any Colorado electors who defy their obligation could potentially face a perjury charge as well. Speaking with Politico, he explained that he intended to administer an oath to the electors prior to the Electoral College convening.

“If you swear the oath and then immediately violate it, I think there’s a basis for a more severe criminal penalty,” he pointed out.

Very weird.

However, these electors have a responsibility to the people of their state.

Unfortunately, the people of Colorado wanted Hillary Clinton, so she must get the votes. Period.

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