Camera Caught What Slick Willy Bill Did Behind Melania’s Back — Hillary HUMILIATED

The attendance at President Trump’s inauguration was a sight to see, full of red Make America Great gear and patriotism. In the sea of people were notable figures, such as the woman who lost to Trump, Hillary Clinton, who couldn’t hide her hate for the winner taking the oath of office. If this wasn’t hard enough to see, her humiliating husband was, who didn’t seem to realize he was caught on camera with what he did to Melania Trump.

Our new First Lady was the picture of class in her blue coat and carrying herself with pride for her country, standing beside her husband and leader for our nation. However, Slick Willy saw something else on her and apparently couldn’t control his urges despite being in front of the country with everyone watching.

Standing in the crowd as Melania was on parade, Bill Clinton was caught in a “moment” that lasted an uncomfortable amount of time, when Hillary saw it and gave him a death stare for the ages. Bill was seemingly so enamored with Melania that he couldn’t feel his wife’s piercing eyes on him who didn’t stop looking until she realized he wasn’t going to look away. At the moment of realizing that he will undress anyone with his eyes no matter what and where, with an uncontrolled smirk on his face, Hillary turned back around with a look of disbelief.

Hillary should have been used to it by now but was humiliated by his wandering eyes none the less for it being on the world’s stage and of the woman who will be living in the White House, since she’s not.

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