According to a research conducted at the Clinica de Saludad del Valie Salinas and UC Berkley, prolonged use of chemical-laden cosmetics results in toxic accumulation in your body and even cancer. The research examined over 100 Latino teenagers who have been using products that contained triclosan, parabens, oxybenzone and phthalates, which can be found in soaps, shampoos, sunscreen and other cosmetics.

Animal studies done on the chemicals have showed negative effects on the endocrine system, and the results were published in the Environmental Health Perspective journal.

The study was led by Kim Hartley, an associate director of the UC Berkley Center for Environmental Research and Children`s health: “Women, as the primary users of cosmetic products, are more exposed to this kind of chemicals, especially teen girls who, in the period of fast reproductive development, use more cosmetic products daily than an adult woman,” she said.


Urine samples collected during the research showed a significant drop in the body chemical levels. Methyl and propyl parabens were down by 45%, metabolites and phthalates from perfumes fell by 27%, triclosan and benzephenone fell by 36%, and there was a surprising increase in 2 lesser known parabens, but it was nothing to take note of.

Kimberly Parra, the co-director of the study said: “On a scientific level, the results are very interesting, but the fact that high school students led the study is even more important because they were directly involved in learning, in the same time improving the health of their entire community. They also insisted on presenting their cause to the Sacramento congress and educating community members and friends on the results from the study.”

The study was partially directed by 12 high school students from the CHAMAKOS Youth Council, with one of them, Maritza Cardenas now majoring in molecular and cell biology at Berkley. She said the following about her participation in the research: “For us students, the most important goal was to raise the awareness of the chemicals present in products we use every day, so that people would know what they are actually using. The study showed us that if we eliminate in total or use products with less chemicals for only three days, we can make a great difference for our bodies”.

What can you do?

First and foremost, you should always read the labels on the products you buy. If your favorite brand doesn’t have the label of ingredients, contact the manufacturer. However, it’s best to switch to natural cosmetic products as they have a better and long-lasting effect. You can find many recipes online and prepare them easily at home using only natural ingredients which won’t harm your health.

Check out the story of cosmetics in the video below:


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