Video and Photos Show Clinton Team Involved in Child Trafficking

What you’re about to read in this article is very disturbing. We’re asking you to think logically and to critically process the shocking information. It’s normal to feel doubt after seeing all of this, but keep digging online and you will see that it is the truth!

We’ll give you names of people who have relations to the Clintons, as well as a shocking video which will expose the ugly truth behind their child trafficking ring!

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner is being investigated for sexual misconduct involving a minor. He is married to Huma Abedin, Clinton’s closest staffer which Hillary considers a second daughter. Weiner was investigated for sexual misconduct with an underage girl and for sending sexually explicit photos online. Huma has supposedly stored secret information on his computer, which led to the arrest of 239 people involved in a child trafficking ring.

Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein is a pedophile billionaire who is privately involved with the Clinton foundation. Both Hillary and Bill have been guests on his private jet many times without the Secret Service. This jet is known as “The Lolita Express” due to the discovery that it has beds and children available for sexual activity. The jet often lands on an island owned by Epstein where he is rumored to have a compound with child sex slaves.

John Podesta

John Podesta is a controversial figure who was involved with Marina Abramovich’s spirit cooking according to the recently leaked emails. As the emails showed, he is obsessed with nonsensical pizza references, and may have injured his hand in a place called “Comet Pizza”. Podesta has been the top Clinton adviser for more than 2 decades and has led Clinton’s recent presidential campaign. His emails were leaked by Wikileaks – there were numerous cryptic pizza and “cheese pizza” references, which is an underground code for child prostitution.

Marina Abramovic

The controversial artist Marina Abramovic frequently invites the Clintons to her private spiritual rituals and has donated a large sum of money to Hillary’s campaign. She can often be seen posing with nude children, and constantly depicts ritualistic abuse. Abramovic is considered a top occultist figure. The picture below shows her posing with an underage child. Marina defends her art by saying that it’s a spiritual experience done in private settings, but the recent leaks show that there’s more to it.


Tony Podesta

Tony Podesta is John’s brother who has also visited Abramovic’sspiritual sessions and is the most powerful Clinton lobbyist in Washington DC. His house is filled with pictures of naked minors, and he adores the art of BiljanaDjurdjevic. We can’t post her “works of art” here, but feel free to search for them online.

James Alafantis

James Alafantis owns the “Comet Pizza” restaurant which popped up in the recent email leak. His restaurant is kid-friendly and has doorways blended with walls. He discussed having pizza with Podesta in the emails and was in a relationship with David Brock who’s close to the Clinton’s.

Comet Pizza was put under a lot of pressure recently after some Reddit users found that the restaurant had pedophilia symbols. The events in the restaurant are organized by Amanda Kleinman – she invites kids to come and learn about monsters and why they have different ideas of love than humans.

Amanda Kleinman

As we mentioned, Amanda Kleinman organizes parties in Comet Pizza. The emails showed that she discussed “filling holes”, “imagery of pizza” and empty baby cribs. Watch the shocking footage of the activities taking place at Comet Pizza below, but turn away now if you don’t want to be disturbed.

If you want to investigate further, we recommend checking out Reddit threads about Comet Pizza and the strange activities taking place there. However, be warned – the imagery can be disturbing!


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