CNN IS FINISHED! What Trump Did To Don Lemon Late Last Night Will RUIN Him!

CNN is allegedly fake news. Most of America knows that. Their ratings are tanking and they haven’t had a single interview with them in forever.

If you remember, CNN was declared as very fake news by Trump this week.

And look what happened today… Trump has officially ruined CNN. Watch this crazy video below.


And as if CNN didn’t need anymore bad news… CNN was just sued for providing fake news. Federal Judge Orinda Evans declared that the network peddled falsehoods in a judgement over a former hospital CEO that sued CNN.

CNN was caught skewing statistics to hurt the West Palm Beach Hospital. The CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN for a “series of false and defamatory news reports,” according to Law News.

*** Share this! CNN just lost a lawsuit for peddling falsehoods! That means they are exactly what Trump called them. They are officially fake news.

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CNN is ruined and they put out falsehood after falsehood about Trump.

(H/T Law News)

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