Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Loses 50,669 Votes in Day 7 of Wisconsin Recount

Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein team up to try and steal the elections from Donald Trump, but it seems that their efforts are for nothing! In the Wisconsin Day 7 Recount Update, 50,669 votes for Hillary Clinton were erased resulting in a 43,531 vote net increase for Donald Trump.

Trump officially won Wisconsin by over 22,000 votes, but thanks to Jill Stein a recount is currently underway.

After day 5 of the recount, the officially updated recount results on the Wisconsin Board of Elections update page, showed Hillary Clinton losing 32,423 votes while Donald Trump lost 3,593 votes. This resulted in a net increase of 28,830 votes for Donald Trump.

Today the recount results for day 7 were released and they now show Hillary has lost 50,699 votes and Donald Trump has lost 7,138 votes, resulting in a net increase of 43,531 votes for Donald Trump. This includes counties that are still reporting results and does not include absentee ballots for the county of Milwaukee.

Here are the statewide changes after day 7.

As with past results, Milwaukee County is the source of most of the changes.

The corporate media is currently only reporting counts from counties that have completed counts, which exclude Milwaukee county.

Higgins News Network (HNN) has previously reported anomalies in the Milwaukee vote counts, specifically citing Ward 34 as an example where the original vote margin showed a victory of 100 to 1 for Hillary. Yet after the recount, the winning margin is now only 2 to 1 for Hillary.

Despite only a 2 to 1 win margin county-wide, some Milwaukee wards have anomalous win margins for Hillary Clinton in the original vote count. As votes are recounted, some of these margins are coming more in line with the county average. Yet Ward 34 was originally reported as a 100 to 1 win while neighboring precincts were only 2 to 1 wins. These statistical anomalies are potential indications of fraud. Inquiries by HNN staff and their readers, to the Wisconsin Board of Elections, about Milwaukee’s anomalies and the discrepancies in vote margins between neighboring Milwaukee precincts, have gone unanswered. There have been no explanation given on how the vote margin changed so much in ward 34 either.

In these wards, there are major statistical discrepancies between the original counts, the recount results, and the outstanding absentee ballots. This could indicate potential fraud.

To be clear, the results being reported by HNN include all precincts for which Wisconsin has reported results for which the Board of Election has stated are 100% complete. This excludes the exception of absentee ballots from Milwaukee county, where the outstanding anomalies exist.

In Michigan, widespread voter fraud was discovered in Democrat controlled areas, which resulted in 100s of precincts that voted heavily for Hillary being disqualified from being recounted. These discrepancies were discovered before a Federal Judge issued an order on Wednesday, officially ending the recount there.

In Wisconsin so far, there are only the statistical anomalies to suggest evidence of Democrat voter fraud such as precincts which border each other have vote margins ranging as high as 100-252 votes in favor of Hillary for every 1 vote for Trump, even though the adjacent precinct voted 2 to 1, which is in line with the average for Milwaukee.

After day 5, the media’s official counts showed Donald Trump picking up 143 net votes on Hillary Clinton due to the discovery of 105 total net votes for Trump and the removal of 41 net votes for Clinton.

After Day 7 in the Wisconsin recount, the media reported counts have changed which now shows Hillary Clinton gaining 82 net votes in the counties that have completed reporting. This is reported as being over 70% of the state.

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