Crisco Eating Rosie O’Donnel Calls For Martial Law, Regrets It BIG TIME Minutes Later

Liberal lesbian Rosie O’Donnell has completely lost her mind as seconds are ticking down to the day that President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office. It’s now apparent that this has sent her certifiably over the edge. In an insanely desperate effort to stop her nemesis from taking office, she’s demanding that Barack Obama declares martial law, which backfired on minutes after saying it publicly.


Of all the batshit crazy outbursts we’ve seen from O’Donnell, beginning the second Trump said he was running for president, this latest blow from the obnoxious hosebag takes the cake — and she ate it too. O’Donnell just proved that she’s officially lost her mind by making this statement that she was actually serious about and got exactly what she deserved in response.

BizPacReview reports that the big-mouthed lesbian called on Obama to impose martial law immediately before Inauguration Day to stop Trump from taking over the country. While it’s obvious that Rosie is clinically insane, the response she received from her fellow moonbats will make you lose all hope for humanity where liberals are involved.

After tweeting out her declaration to the world and our current president, supporters of the idea chimed in saying, “This is why you need to get your ass back on daytime! Love you!” Another androgynous looking female like Rosie responded, “I’m on your side! The public need to use their power to make this happen! Do the research and make it happen!” This woman should do her own research and realize that’s not how martial law works.

Since putting her psychosis on full display, she’s now proved herself to be crazy and as such, is unfit to exist in society. For this reason, conservatives are calling for her to be put into an insane asylum where she belongs as a matter of public safety. Whatever was left of her failing career, she just lost, along with her mind.

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