Former ISIS Sex Slave Gets In Front Of Congress And Calls Obama WEAK To His FACE!

The Islamic State barbarians continue to turn the Middle East blood red in their quest to establish a caliphate under Sharia Law.

There can be no question Obama has been a weak President when it comes to terrorism. A woman who was kept as a sex slave delivered a stunning rebuke to him over this issue. Nadia Murad testified before Congress, and included a huge slap to Obama: “If a country as strong as your country cannot protect its citizens in Orlando…how come a small minority like us can protect ourselves while we are in the heart of the land where the radicals are?”

As the current atmosphere in the United States has shown, the time is now for a new approach to handling terrorism, and even this woman who was an ISIS sex slave realizes just how poorly Obama has done. It would appear to many that the election of Donald Trump will not only be good for Americans, but for many people overseas as well.

Murad was held for three months by Islamic State fighters. During that time, she was repeatedly beaten and gang raped. Their crimes against her were horrific and it is a testament to her character that she somehow survived them.

Murad was a student living in the village of Kocho in Sinjar Province in northern Iraq when Islamic State fighters captured the town. Hundreds of people were executed.

“The USA must act. We must terminate Daesh [Islamic State] and all such terror,” Murad testified with the aid of a translator. “Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons.” Regrettably, she did not appear to have much confidence in President Obama’s ability to accomplish this.

During the course of her testimony, Murad also delivered an interesting warning for America. “I knew if Daesh was not stopped, they would deliver their crimes everywhere.” Of course, there are other public figures who understand this. I’m sure Murad is aware now that the U.S. has just undergone another election, a new individual is slated to take the reins from President Obama.

Unlike his predecessor, Trump understands the gravity of the situation in ISIS-controlled areas. He understands the need for a troop presence on the ground in order to bring stability and a Democratic presence to the area.

This, my friends, is why he will make the world, and not just America, a much better place. The threat of Radical Muslims – who killed six of Murad’s brothers in front of her – will be immensely lessened because of an increased dedication to preserving peace in Radical Islamic strongholds.

It will be a President Trump – not Obama – who will make the world safe again for people such as Murad. It is he who realizes that the threat will not remain “over there” for long and that is why it should be contained as soon as possible. Globalists such as Hillary Clinton would have only made the problem worse.

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