Have You Ever Been Naked In A Dream? Here’s The Meaning Behind It

Imagine you’re dreaming of yourself naked – you’re walking down the street, when you look down and realize that you have no clothes on. However, you’re unaware that it’s a dream and start to freak out in your sleep. Naked dreams are very common and symbolize many things about your emotional state. How you react to this kind of dream says a lot about your personality and the way you see yourself.


Here’s what being naked in your dreams means:

Problems at work

If you’re seeing yourself naked in your dreams, it could mean that your psyche is dealing with feelings of inadequacy at work. Unfortunately, stress on the workplace doesn’t stay there – it often follows us home and creates internal scenarios which manifest themselves in your dreams.

Are you vulnerable?

Vulnerability is a raw emotion which puts ourselves out there. It is related to shame, guilt and fear, making us feel like we’re not seen, heard or acknowledged enough. Those raw emotions of humiliation are represented by the nakedness in your dream. Dreaming of yourself naked means that you’re probably exposing a big part of yourself, and are fearful of rejection as well. Clothing is our armor – how we wear it determines how we see ourselves.

Are you hiding a secret?

If you’re hiding a big secret, it can manifest itself through your dreams. Hidden truths get magnified in dreams – anxiety increases in situations with fear of being ridiculed by others, and the secrets we keep can hurt us by disrupting our internal peace. You may also be expressing the apprehension of sharing your emotions with someone. As the great Carl Jung said, “The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.”

Feeling unprepared

Are you unprepared about that upcoming project at school or work? You might be stressing yourself over the expectations people put on you, which are irrational components of your psyche. We hold them to the highest standards and stress ourselves over them, which later results in the nakedness in your dreams. These dreams are related to being indecisive as well, and unclear on certain work situations.

Are you avoiding the truth?

Not living your life’s purpose may also manifest by naked dreams. Have you been avoiding doing more for yourself? Are you caught up in the act of living instead of the art of fully living? Responsibilities often take over our desires. Being naked in your dreams and feeling happy about it means that you want to come out on your own. You’re satisfied with living through your gifts.

Nakedness is the unmasking your true self. As author May Sarton said, “We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

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