HOLY SH*T! Look At How CNN Doctored Pic of Ft. Lauderdale Shooter For Broadcast

A lone gunman intentionally picked the Ft. Lauderdale airport today to fly into and open fire on innocent travelers this afternoon, claiming five lives and injuring nine more victims of his wrath before he ran out of ammunition. As news broke of his this attack, the liberal media pounced on their report of it, namely, CNN who had a photo claiming to be the shooter, Santiago Esteban, with something seriously wrong it that was as intentional on their part as the attack was for Esteban.

Scene from Ft. Lauderdale shooting and man CNN wrongfully claimed to be shooter Santiago Esteban

The Ft. Lauderdale airport was a perfect target for this terrorist who could have flown into Miami, but he’d be met with ten times the number of authorities there considering how many law enforcement agencies are on hand to stop the flow of drugs into the country. Presumably aware of this fact, Esteban picked a Florida terminal at a different airport with the least resistance. Now, one of the biggest culprits on spin, CNN, wants you to believe that he’s a crazed, white, Military psychopath — not a Muslim or any other liberal love child.

While breaking the news about the shooter’s identity they seemed to have doctored the photo of who the said was Esteban, showing a man who is clearly dark-skinned in an identity photo of who they said was him, but in CNN’s picture for broadcast, this man appears as white as they come, as the Gateway Pundit pointed out. But before or after, he’s still allegedly not the right Santiago Esteban, according to the International Business Times.


This is no coincidence, it’s simply what the news-filtering network is known for —- twisting, lying, or completely making things up. They had to do something to make everyone forget about the racist attack on an innocent Trump-supporter, tortured by a foursome of Barack Obama’s nastiest hoodrats, so they made a presumably innocent man look like a white guy to redirect everyone’s attention back on their divisive agenda — not even using the person’s picture responsible for this attack. Not only is this guy allegedly not him and not white; the real shooter is probably not conservative, didn’t vote for Trump, and likely had a secret agenda of his own in joining our military.

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