LIBERATING ELDER – I can not remember the last time we had people leading this country who had an actual set of BALLS!  Mike Pence proved he has a brass pair when he eloquently defended Donald Trump against sacred cow and Democrat hack John Lew

Pence appeared on Fox News to discuss everything that transpired this week after Clinton asset, John Lewis, smeared Trump with allegations that have been proven over and over again to be false, saying Trump’s Presidency is ‘not legitimate.’

Chris Wallace tried to corner Pence by suggesting it was not OK for Trump to attack Lewis because 50 years ago he had his head cracked open by a State Trooper while fighting for civil rights.  Pence was not having and of this bullshit and looked Chris straight in the eyes and responded perfectly … WATCH THE CLIP BELOW

‘I think Donald Trump has the right to defend himself.’

Pence went on to say,

“When someone of John Lewis’ stature, someone who is not only an icon in the civil rights movement but also someone who by virtue of his sacrifice on that day that we know as Bloody Sunday, he crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge and it was through that the Voting Rights Act itself – for someone of his stature to use terms like, ‘this is not a legitimate president. AND I HOPE HE RECONSIDERS!!”

Doesn’t it feel good to know the adults are finally back in charge?

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