Killer THUG Runs Over Female Cop, Instantly Regrets It When He Gets Out Of The Car

A nasty thug ran over a female police officer TWICE and that’s the last thing he ever did. As a criminal was busy running over a cop TWO TIMES, the officer’s fellow officer took care of the rest. After a brief struggle to get the criminal thug to stop the car that just ran over a cop two times, the officer decided to shoot the thug before he could run over another cop.

If you run over a cop twice, on purpose, then refuse to stop your car and risk running over another cop – then that’s how you get shot by the police in Arlington, Texas.

The 23-year-old suspect, Tavis Crane, was pulled over and the officer discovered that the suspect had warrants for felony evading arrest and probation violations. Crane thought it was a good idea to attempt an escape by driving away, running over an officer twice and delivering terrible injuries, and then his battle with another officer to get him to stop and pull over is what got his plug pulled.

This is a result of the disrespect and anti-police ideology created by Obama.


As the female officer tried to arrest Crane he put his vehicle in reverse and hit the officer. He ran over her a second time as he tried to take off.

“The driver made a decision and reversed and struck an officer, actually ran over one of our officers and struck that officer’s patrol vehicle. While this is going on, another officer is having a struggle trying to get the driver to stop,” said Lt. Chris Cook with the Arlington Police Department.

Other officers quickly responded and one fired shots, hitting and killing Crane.

Crane had a lengthy criminal record, including assault, theft, drugs and evading arrest.

A pillar of society…

The officer suffered several broken bones and fractures, but police say she is expected to make a full recovery. She’s described as a pro-active patrol officer with 14 years on the force. She is also a wife and mother.

Police said there were two other adults and a toddler in the suspect’s vehicle, but they were not hurt.

When you have a baby in the car and you’re out running people over, then that poor child deserves a lot better than you can provide.

I hope the baby doesn’t turn out like this man.

It’s a shame they will grow up without a father (if that’s actually his kid), but if your Dad is in jail his whole life, then that’s not much of a father anyway.

The officer who was run over is in serious condition but is expected to recover from her injuries and we’re thankful for that.

If you’re ever pulled over, don’t do what this guy did.


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