Liberal Female Politician Visits Mosque To Prove They’re Peaceful, Gets SICK Surprise Inside Instead

Operating on the “open doors” idea to look far more compassionate than conservatives, a liberal politician decided to show up at Muslim mosque in her town for a little chat. Her plan was to show the people of Toronto that immigration and multiculturalism are good and Muslims are peaceful people. She certainly got a message out to the community with this visit, but it definitely wasn’t the one she was going for.

Kathleen Wynne is a liberal lesbian politician in Canada who seems to pride herself on her acceptance of all things and people. Considering that her country is getting an onslaught of Muslim migrants fleeing America now that President Trump is in charge, she set out to squelch the fear of an Islamic infiltration and prove to her people that Canadians are better than “bigoted” Americans who allegedly have a gross misunderstanding of Muslims. True to Islam, they proved her point wrong in showing exactly how they feel about gays and women the second the politician who is both of these things stepped in the front door of their mosque.

It’s ironic that a self-proclaimed feminist like Wynne wouldn’t see the obvious issues with inviting an anti-woman culture into Canada, but her ignorance came at a price when she was shoved into a corner. Canadians were fearful of all the Muslims coming in after an Islamic attacker shot and killed six people at a Mosque in Quebec. Wynne wanted to show solidarity with the Muslim community and learned that these “peaceful people” didn’t seem to share her same view of equality.

“We’re not different. We’re the same; except for indigenous peoples, every one of us came from somewhere else. We came from another country, another place, to build this open society,” were Wynne’s famous last words on the matter as she addressed a crowd of people regarding immigration issues before entering the mosque, according to The Toronto Star. reports, “as the men began praying, Wynne – the highest ranking politician in the province of Ontario – was made to sit in a back corner.” This ostracizing move was in accordance with Islamic law that Wynne apparently chose to ignore.
“Several hadiths have Muhammad saying that if a woman is in front of a man as he is praying, this prayer is invalidated,” explained.

Apparently, Wynne’s feminism wasn’t an issue for her when it came to Islamic practice as she didn’t complain about the sick way she was treated when in a Muslim holy house — that’s something she seemingly only saves for the free world over innocuous issues like paying for birth control. She also didn’t mind when the Imam Wael Shehab addressed her sexuality in a degrading manner, unlike when she was quick to scream “homophobia” when people rejected her attempt to teach gender as a social construct in schools’ sex ed program.

This is liberal insanity at its finest, by going to a place where she’s not accepted to show solidarity, then when she’s treated like the scum Muslims think she is, she accepts it, agrees with them, and stays in her corner. Had conservatives treated her this way, she would have acted like a rabid caged dog and brought on a week of riots outside the building.

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