This Liberal Just Claimed To The Senate That Radical Islam Doesn’t EXIST—Ted Cruz’s Response is PRICELESS!

When a Senator was recently asked about the threat of radical Islam in a senate hearing she denied it altogether. The initial question was the following, “What are you going to do with the radicalization in the Muslim community?” She replied that it was nonsense as it didn’t exist. Watch her get annihilated here,

Cruz countered asking if it didn’t exist why did it need to be purged. Which was a word the senator had used on her political website. The woman tried arguing that the word jihad is playing into the hands of radical Islamic terrorists by pitting it as a war against Islam. Forgetting the fact that conservatives are NOT calling this a war on Islam but a war on radical Islamic terrorism. There is a difference. A Billy goat could understand the difference.

Senator Cruz called her out by noting she never answered the question either time when asked whether her organization as well as herself thinks it is bigoted to use the term jihad or radical Islamic terrorism. She responded with another verbose answer.

She tried explain away radical Islamic terrorism by first not even using the word and second by saying there are dangerous people in all ethnicities and religious backgrounds which includes Islam. Cruz asked the same question in a variation of different ways several times and the final time the senator actually laughed in his face.

The fact that democrats do not find this five minute excerpt completely laughable is astounding. The woman was asked a simple question over seven different times in numerous different ways and she refused to answer for fear of offending Muslims and democrats. She is more preoccupied with being politically correct than she is with answering the aesruons she has to at the senatorial hearing. The eternal plight of democrats.

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