Liberal Snowflakes Get NASTY Surprise When They Try To Break Through Biker’s Inauguration Wall — Didn’t See It Coming!

Today is supposed to be a happy day for America because after all it is Inauguration Day. The day that Mike Pence and Donald Trump officially take office and begin their reign. But liberal snowflakes cannot help but to throw fits, temper tantrums, riots, and protests. Some big ol’ Bikers stopped them from doing just that today, though. They took them by surprise.

Watch some of it here,

Members of the group called Bikers for Trump had many weeks ago announced they would be attending the inauguration festivities and doing everything in their power to ensure it went along smoothly and that the President and Vice President were safe. Now one of them who self-identified as Dave can be heard and seen breaking through a blockade.

Here is a little bit of the exchange between the biker and a protestor,

Protester: “You’re on camera buddy, you’re on camera!”

Biker: “I don’t give a fu*ck my name is Dave!”

The protestors were trying to block the wife of one of the bikers from coming towards him and joining him. The biker group is made up of various different people from professionals to combat veterans. It is not a form of organized crime but a community group with a common interest and in this case a goal.

The protestors were members of the group DisruptJ20 and they were trying to form a human chain to try and block people from entering the inauguration. In a pathetic attempt to try and ruin the inauguration. But it did not work.

Here’s another video of idiot protesters getting smacked down by the bikers.

The inauguration went exactly as planned and the procession is coming to an end. With the exception of some arson as well as vandalism, there was not much commotion throughout the day. Perhaps if these criminals took some time out of their busy schedules of spreading hate they could partake in the enjoyment of the day.

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