Liberal Tells Muslim Refugees She ‘Wants To Help’ Them. Here’s What They Did to HER.

Many liberals have bleeding hearts for refugees and have done the “right thing” by trying to help them, but it turns out this brings nothing but disaster upon them.

Documentary filmmakers were filming refugees, trying to show the world how they were living, when they were attacked by some of these refugees, who had a knife and pepper spray, and were trying to steal their cameras, via Daily Mail.

Maaike Engels, a Dutch filmmaker, was filming with a colleague, Teun Voeten, when she was attacked and pushed inside a tent by three men who wanted her camera.

Engels tried to fight, kicking the one with the knife, until other refugees chased off the three attackers by throwing rocks.

They were trying to film a documentary, “Calais: Welcome to the Jungle,” in France, and Engels stated on her social media page, “Within every community, among the good ones, you’ll always find a couple of ***holes.”

“The Jungle is no exception, but I guess living under such deplorable conditions the less creative, intelligent, and ambitious are very likely to become small criminals because they’ve got nothing higher to aim at,” she continued.

Violence is an everyday occurrence in many of the countries these refugees hail from, and many don’t even bat at eyelash at doing it. And that’s the problem.

Too many times, these refugees attack others, steal from them, or even kill them. There are more incidents as the months go by as more refugees pile in. And too many terrorists slip in with these refugees to cause more violence against those who would be labeled as “infidels.”

This is a very real threat that these refugees bring to the table, and this attack is just an example of the incidents that occur. They bring with them senseless violence amidst the masses — even these filmmakers who were trying to tell their side of the story and make other people understand were attacked!

This is going to do nothing to encourage the people of the world to accept refugees, especially in countries where too many attacks have already taken place. Tension is running high as more refugees continue to filter in and more attacks happen.

This is why many Americans cheered the temporary ban of people from certain countries because we need to be able to filter these people better. We can’t just let them run wild through our streets. Our country still needs to be safe for the American people.

We don’t want to be afraid of walking down the street and being mugged because we have a camera or a smartphone — that happens enough in America as it is! We don’t need to add refugees to the mix to make matters worse! We want the wall, and we want a stronger vetting system in place because our safety needs to be our main priority.

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