At a time when NFL teams are suffering the consequences of their politicization of the National Anthem, one team is doubling down on their social activism.

Despite what is likely to be some intense blow-back from fans, one team has joined a campaign supporting a ban on bump stocks and ammo sales, as well as stricter gun control laws.

The team is the same one that allowed a second-string quarterback to protest during the National Anthem, setting off a controversy that has essentially paralyzed the league: the San Francisco 49ers.

Jed York, CEO of the 49ers, insists he is not anti-Second Amendment, but supports “common sense” legislation to curb gun violence. That includes bans on bump stocks, silencers, and certain types of ammunition. The campaign the 49ers joined is supported by several police unions.

Although no other NFL team is participating in the gun control campaign, York hopes others will follow.

The Daily Wire reports.

In partnership with several police unions, the 49ers have pledged $500,000 to a community outreach campaign that in part will promote stricter gun control measures, including banning bump stocks, armor-piercing bullets, and gun silencers, Mercury News reports.

The announcement came during a joint news conference Thursday with police union representatives from Long Beach, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, and Sacramento, California, as well as Portland and New York. The outreach campaign is largely intended to address the issue that originally fueled the anthem protests: the racial tensions between minority communities and the police. The 49ers hope to encourage other teams to join their effort.

Despite the police-community relations focus of the campaign, Mercury News notes that much of the news conference was actually spent “rallying behind proposed federal legislation to ban the bump stocks, and advocating to outlaw armor-piercing bullets and gun silencers the unions contend are a significant threat to law enforcement.”

Colin Kaepernick’s first teammate to join him in protesting the country, Eric Reid, cheered the team’s new initiatives. “I wouldn’t say that our protest led to this. But it is encouraging that the NFL, and in particular our team, stepped up to the plate,” said Reid.”

A new Fox News poll found that the number of people who have a positive view of the league has dropped off by 18 points, from 64% to 46%. Positive views among Republicans has plummeted by 37%.

The NFL’s ratings also continue to decline. From 2015, ratings are down nearly 20% by average.

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