Look What Obama’s Nasty Daughters Did As Dad Gave Away Their Swing Set To Needy Kids

As part of the preparations to permanently remove the Obamas from the White House, Barack and Michelle Obama decided to give away their daughters’ swing set since the girls didn’t want it at their new million-dollar home. They gave away the play equipment to some needy neighborhood kids at a homeless shelter, but it’s what the two First Daughters were doing during the event that was really sick.

Malia and Sasha Obama have clearly outgrown their swing set so rather than bringing to the new house, their parents decided to give it as a gift to some impoverished kids in D.C. The Obama administration made an event out of the donation, to present it to the kids who were getting what was presumably a prized piece of equipment from the First Daughters. It was on closer look at the swingset and the girls giving it to them that people immediately noticed.

There’s no hiding the fact that these two girls come and do as they want unchecked by their parents who are too busy to bother with the hassle of raising teens. Sasha missed her father’s farewell speech, opting for a bikini time in Miami instead, and Malia was just caught partying all night at a Washington, D.C. dance club. For as young as these two are, they sure are entitled, having learned from their mom how to live the high life since hardworking Americans are footing the bill for them.

You would think there would be a little appreciation for the opportunities afforded them and that they would also see sentimental value in handing over this swing set to kids who really appreciate it. The girls spent a lot of time on this piece of equipment, even carving their names into it. This personalized detail was captured in the footage from the event, along with the fact that Obama’s arrogant daughters were too good to be a part of it, as they couldn’t be bothered to take an hour out of their morning to attend.

As Barack and Michelle presented the homeless kids with their daughter’s swing set, their girls were probably sleeping in, working off travel fatigue or possibly even a hangover. If Michelle was as responsible of a mother as she claims to be, who supposedly instilled strong values class into her kids, she would have had her daughters participate in charity events like this that pertain to them — or they would have just done so without being told. Instead, they were too busy partying, vacationing, and thinking about themselves to consider needy kids.

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