Melania Makes Mouthy Lib Celebrity Shut The Hell Up After What She Said About Her Appearance

Just when you think that liberals couldn’t get more vile, they manage to outdo themselves but underestimated our new First Lady Melania Trump in assuming she’s a pushover and will take their punches.

While liberals constantly espouse themselves as being the political party that stands for the rights woman and immigrants, they are the biggest hypocrites on the planet with their disgusting treatment towards our new First Lady, who fits into both of those categories. But the attack they’re now launching against Melania is so disgusting, it will make you a staunch believer that liberals are truly the most atrocious life forms on planet earth.

If Melania was a Democrat, she would no doubt be a celebrated figure that all liberals would worship. Attractive and smart with a killer career, she was an immigrant who overcame a great amount of adversity before becoming a US citizen back in 2006. But now that she’s the First Lady of our newly elected Republican president, Melania is now the main target of the left, who constantly seeks to slander and ridicule everything that she does. While this should come as no surprise given the disgusting track record of the left, what leftist talk show Chelsea Handler said about our new First Lady during a recent inverview is truly alarming, not to mention racist.

Leading the charge of hateful twats during the Women’s March over the weekend, Handler began running her mouth to Variety‘s Elizabeth Wagmeister, where she was interviewed and asked if she would consider interviewing Melania.

“Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English,” Handler blasted out. (Since it’s obviously ok to make fun of the language skills of Americans as long as they’re not Democrats.)

But Handler wasn’t quite done with her racist smear of Melania. She then doubled down on her hateful rhetoric when asked what she thinks of Melania as the First Lady, to which she responded,  “exactly what I think about him as the First Man. Nothing. I don’t respect either one of those people.”

Liberals keeping it “classy” as usual.  This isn’t the first cheap shot douchebag leftists have taken at the First Family since Trump’s Inauguration.  Barron Trump was also the target of vicious attacks earlier this week, after several liberals said the 10-year-old would grow up to be a “rapist home-schooled murderer.”

Liberals are all for women, children, and immigration unless it’s a successful Republican and their family who fall into any of those categories. However, Melania disproved their biased agenda by being who she is as Frist Lady and accomplishing what she has. Looks like the joke is on this liberal comedian.

Yet again, liberal hypocrisy is on full display. They’re not at all for the rights of women, children, and immigrants as they claim, unless of course, those people align with their radical and vile political views.


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