This Muslim Migrant Who BRUTALLY Murdered 97-Yr-Old WWII Veteran —Just Received MASSIVE Dose Of JUSTICE!

Sadly, a while back a World War II veteran who was 97 years old was beaten and murdered by an African-American man in Des Moines, Iowa. He has now as of Monday been sentenced in Polk County Court. A judge found 20-year-old Ngor Makuey guilty of first-degree homicide. He killed Rupert Anderson with a metal spatula.

They attempted to use the insanity defense at trial. But witnesses and jury members stated they saw no signs of mental illness. The defendant received a life sentence in prison plus two extra years for additional charges. In addition, he was given a $150,000 fine. His second charge was assault with intent to commit serious injury.

Of the night of the attack the wife of the deceased, Harriet Anderson, said the following,

Somebody got in the house and attacked me and my husband and I’m all bloody. And I’m an old woman. And I’m on the floor and my husband’s been hit in the head.”

The suspect was arrested after walking past a cop car with blood all over his shirt. When police gave his picture to neighbors they easily identified him. Police indicate a motive is unknown as Maukey had zero criminal history. Des Moines Police Sergeant Jason Halifax said,

Zero history. I mean zero. There’s nothing until last night. (He) knocked on the door, and I think the initial request was something about a pet. No known connection between him and a pet. We don’t believe he has a pet or had a pet there at any time. She made some comment about what the hours of the business are and then the assault begins.”

Regardless, this animal has been locked away for good and he will never be able to terrorize the public ever again. That is something to be thankful for.

RIP, Rupert.

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