Muslim ‘Refugees’ Viciously Attack Girl For Wearing A Dress – Watch What Happens Next

One of the main reasons I am very vocal about preventing refugees into this country is their desire to implement Sharia and their lack of respect for women.

Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal minions are always talking about how “peaceful” Muslim refugees are, claiming that they pose no threat to Western women.

Videos like this, however, remind us that women are actually never safe in countries that have been overrun with Islamic migrants.

In this disturbing video, a British girl is harassed by a gang of burqa-clad Muslims simply for wearing a dress in her home country.

Watch as the Muslims try to publicly shame her, claiming that she is “naked” in public and that she is trying to seduce men.

Now, any of you that have liberal friends needs to show that video them ASAP!

Those incidents did not happen in Syria, Iran, Iraq, or any other Middle Eastern country.

This happen in Great Britain!

These people are NOT assimilating in any country where they are settling.


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