NASA Shut Down Their Live Stream As Strange UFO Enters Earth’s Atmosphere

10 days ago, NASA has abruptly stopped their live stream when they noticed a UFO flying around the screen, but this isn’t the first time it happened. The space agency has been shutting off streams whenever they noticed something that defies logic, and the recent event has left UFO-fanatics very intrigued. While many people consider the object space junk or meteor, the question remains: why did NASA cut off the stream?

Watch the video below to see the object float around in our atmosphere for too long to be a meteor. If you watch closely, you’ll see that it stays in one spot for a while, which surely isn’t a trait of a moving object. What do you think it is? NASA cutting off their own stream only adds more mystery – if they knew that the object was space junk, they surely wouldn’t have done that.

NASA is a powerful agency which has access to unimaginable technology and information, and has been accused of photoshopping pictures and keeping secrets from the public. They say that we were never in contact with aliens, although other sources claim otherwise. A spokesperson for the agency recently said that they have never shut down live feeds on purpose – they claim that it was always a technical issue. However, the truth is out there – beyond this incident, it’s quite clear that the space agency lies to the public and keeps its secrets to itself.

Keep an open mind and ask yourself are we really alone in the universe? Go on YouTube and find thousands of videos which clearly show that aliens do exist, and find other videos from NASA which have been cut off due to “technical” problems.


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