Obama Must Hand Over All Records of His Illegal Executive Actions To Trump

It seems like Obama-Trump’s situation is heating up. Finally, The United States are going to have a President that is going to work for the country’s best interest.

From Worldnewspolitics:

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team asked the Department of Homeland Security to assess all assets available for border wall and barrier construction.

The team also asked about the department’s capacity for expanding immigrant detention and about an aerial surveillance program.

And last but not least, it asked whether federal workers have altered biographic information kept by the department about immigrants out of concern for their civil liberties.

All these requests were made on December 5 in a meeting between Donald Trump’s transition team and Department of Homeland Security officials.

Obama has been doing a lot of things to hinder Donald Trump so the possibility of all these previous actions is not excluded.

The illegals gave the government their addresses, identities, and admission that they’re in the country illegally. They made this in order to get covered by Obama’s illegal executive actions, mainly Obama’s unconstitutional shielding of illegal aliens from deportation in 2012. This was the year where he carved out exemptions for illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. as minors, granting a quasi- legal status and work permits to some 1.4 million illegals who signed up.

John Miano at the non-partisan Center wrote for Immigration Studies (CIS) that four years ago he had pointed out the fundamental problem with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program: Anyone who signed up for DACA would be adding their names to a list of self-identified illegal aliens. Should a future administration decide that it would start enforcing the law, the DACA program would provide a list of prime candidates for deportation.

Miano also added that at the time, this was so obvious that he was surprised anyone would be stupid enough to sign up for DACA and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) but apparently hundreds of thousands of people had done so anyway.

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