Pissed Off Muslims RIOT After Just Finding Out What Else Has Just Been Banned Immediately!

It’s the end of the road for Muslims who have enjoyed the former advantage of the world’s most powerful leader being passive and catering to their every complaint. America isn’t messing around anymore, as was seen when President Trump signed an executive order banning them from traveling from seven Middle Eastern countries. Just as they were still suffering the sting and inconvenience of this, they got blindsided by more bad news of what else they’re now not allowed to do.

Muslim folks won’t like this, but they’ll have to deal with it. For now on, this particular form of Muslim clothing is no longer allowed to be worn in public. Muslims will be forced to show their face and they cannot wear the full-face veil any longer now that the full-face veils are banned in public areas in Austria who is suffering heavily under the influx of Muslims refugees.

This is important because everyone should be able to identify themselves. If it’s Halloween, then sure, cover your face. If you’re skiing on a mountain in snowy weather and want to stay warm, then cover your face, but if you’re walking into the nearest deli on a bright sunny day, and your face is covered, then I may think you’re about to rob the place. If you rob the place, then how would people identify you? An officer would ask who did it and no one would know — and Muslims love using their religious “right” to their advantage of committing crimes.

Austria is moving forward and also requiring new Muslim immigrants to sign an integration contract and statement of values. This is to remind Muslims that Austrians live a certain way and if you’re going to move into their towns, then you need to act right and not be a problem. Sounds good to me. Austria wants people who fit in, not fit out.


Western Journalism reports – Full-face Muslim veils will be banned in public places in Austria, Chancellor Christian Kerr announced Monday.

The ban is part of a legislative reform package agreed upon by the governing centrist coalition.

“We believe in an open society that is also based on open communication. Full-body veils in public spaces stand against that and will therefore be prohibited,” said a statement by the coalition, which is seeking to counter the growing far-right Freedom Party.


There’s no reason Muslims in this time period need to cover their faces. Especially the female Muslims. Why do you do that? Most of you have a really nice face, so you should be proud to show it.

The Chancellor of Austria did an amazing thing by banning the veil. It’s a step in the right direction and more people should do that.

We already do it here in America. Some stores state that you cannot wear anything on your face upon entering. Courts often require you to show your face as well. It’s a matter of identification.

It’s nothing against the Muslim culture, but there shouldn’t be any reason for someone to cover their face when it’s above freezing temperatures.

I guess this fits in well with the #MuslimBan that’s not really a ban. More like an extra layer of security, but leftists rely on mainstream media instead of reading things for themselves.

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