Russia Kills 30 US, Israeli, British Officers Believed To Be Assisting ISIS


A few days ago, the diplomatic cooperation between the USA and Russia came an abrupt end when Russian warships hit a military operations center in Aleppo, killing 30 US, British and Israeli officers that were believed to be helping ISIS. The strike came after a failed ceasefire in Syria, which was derailed after being violated by the USA, Israel and US-backed militant groups.

According to Russia’s Sputnik news agency, Russian warships fired 3 Caliber missiles at the operations center in the room where the officers were gathered.

The Syrian army, with Russian support, has recently made great advancements on the field and managed to win back many territories previously held by ISIS. Although it has been confirmed by multiple reports that foreign armies were training and supplying radical opposition groups in Syria, it’s still unclear if the officers were helping ISIS.

An Al-Nusra Front commander recently confirmed these claims in an interview with a German journalist. He claimed that his group was directly supported by the USA and that they received tanks and other weapons via Libya and Turkey. He also claimed that ISIS commanders were led by Western intelligence. Finally, the commander said that experts from the USA, Turkey and Israel inside Aleppo were giving militant groups such as ISIS support and intelligence. Were these the same officers Russia killed?

Even though American media tries to blame Russia whenever possible, their failure to cover these deaths is intriguing. This may mean that they’re trying to cover up what the officers were really doing in Aleppo.

The Russian strike may also have been a response to the US-led coalition airstrike two weeks ago which killed 62 and wounded over 100 Syrian soldiers. Within 7 minutes of the strike, ISIS attacked the Syrian army, implying that they knew about the airstrike previously. This accident further reiterates the claims that the USA is backing ISIS in Syria.

Tensions have risen further following the bombing of a UN aid convoy in a rebel-controlled territory in Aleppo, for which the USA quickly accused Russia, despite the evidence that the bombing was carried out with a US Hellfire drone.

For the moment, the USA-Russia diplomatic relations regarding Syria are broken, and they are widely believed to be called off for good in the coming days. It’s still unclear if the Russian strike is the reason for the end of the diplomatic relations, but experts are convinced that it is.


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