Sean Hannity Announced Huge Career News, He’s Taking A Totally Different Direction

By all accounts, Fox News reporter Sean Hannity is having a career year. He’s been topping the ratings in his time slot, even besting controversy-courting Megyn Kelly’s numbers for the network.

Hannity rose to even greater prominence for his role in persuading regular Americans why they needed to vote for Donald Trump to make our country great again. You might think that Sean Hannity would rest on his laurels after a year filled with such accomplishments, but Hannity is now setting his sights even higher.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hannity is carving time out of his packed schedule to produce a film about a famed atheist who finds his ill-founded beliefs shaken. The film, named Let There Be Light, will feature Kevin Sorbo, who also starred in surprise Christian hit God’s Not Dead, which grossed $61 million domestically on a $2 million budget.

Said Sorbo of the film, “It’s been likened to Ghost meets Heaven Is for Real, with a dash of God’s Not Dead.” Also starring in the film will be Sorbo’s wife Sam, who also co-wrote the screenplay.

Added Kevin, who has been acting in films with explicitly Christian themes for a number of years, “Hollywood can be a very superficial place but then again, so is the world. I choose not to focus on whatever negatives that might arise from my taking a stand for what I believe in, because our beliefs are what make us human. I couldn’t be the actor I am without knowing what I stand for.” Will you support Sean Hannity’s film producing debut?

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