The 3 Main Types of Intuition: How To Know Your Strongest Sense


Intuition is more than just receiving psychic messages. While many of us don’t believe in it, we’re more intuitive than we know. Knowing what type of intuition we possess and how to use it is very helpful.

Imagine having great knowledge about your relationship, professional goals, desires or your future – that’s what intuition is, although not everyone experiences it in the same way. Being fully connected to it is one of the main factors towards finding success and happiness. Here are the three most common forms of intuition:


Clairvoyance literally means “clean sight” and is the most common type of intuition. Clairvoyants are able to see visual telepathic information about people, objects or locations as well as realms and spirit guides. The visual information can range from symbols to visions which may feel like daydreaming. If you’re a visually oriented person, you are more likely to be clairvoyant.


Clairaudience, or “clear hearing”, is a type of ability that makes a person hear sounds from other realms. Clairaudient psychics usually hear music, voices and sounds that cannot be heard by everyone. The sounds may be actual voices or words that form some kind of information. Hearing music from a specific ancestry, time or place may actually be someone’s way of communicating you from another world. Clairaudients are sensitive to sounds, tones and changes in vibration, and becoming sensitive to psychic sounds is a step further.


This type of intuition is so common that not many people realize they have it. Claircognizant people usually experience a “blank screen” which means they see blackness once they close their eyes and try to connect with their intuition, making them feel like they aren’t psychic at all. However, claircognizant people may not experience any auditory elements besides having a “gut feeling”.

This is the ability that helps you know something to be true without actual evidence or reasoning. Everyone has experienced claircognizance at some point in their lives and taken action due to their “hunch”. Taking action in this case is a sign that we’re taking this information seriously. This creates a channel through which awareness comes in and passes while being put to good use.

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