The Real Reason Russia Is Supporting Trump – Its Not What You Think

The recent Russian hack on the Democrat Party servers has been in the headlines recently, and people are mad that Russian and Swedish figures have managed to attack US servers. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but the Democrats have successfully drawn the attention away from their recent email leak.

A short time ago, WikiLeaks revealed how the primary system is rigged and how the Clinton camp paid off media stations such as CNN to spin news in Hillary’s favor and improve her chances of winning the elections. The leak also revealed how Democrat elitists pushed Bernie Sanders off the campaign, and the head of the DNC even resigned due to the scandal.

The Americans have a short span of attention, so the leak was forgotten in only a week. Now, people are more angry about the notion that “evil Russians are working for Trump” instead of the contents of the leak. However, there’s no evidence that the Russians are behind the hack, and the FBI has withdrawn their Hillary investigation in favor of investigating the hack.

Trump hasn’t helped the cause as well – while speaking on one of his public rallies, he stated that Russians should hack Hillary’s account and delete her emails. He went to say that he was sarcastic, but the damage was already done at that point. His statements go in favor of the Democrats – they put the blame for the hack on Russians and the main stream media loved the story.

There’s a complete blackout from Russian news in the West – if you ask Americans how many times have they seen Putin speak, only about 10% will say that they have. The Western world hears about the “Russian aggression” every day, and people have been taught to fear the Russians since the Cold War. Russians are constantly portrayed as the bad guys in Hollywood movies, so it’s clear to see why accusing them of the hack is perfect for the Democrats.

However, if Russia was behind the hack, why didn’t they do the same to the Republicans? Why are they supporting Trump? The notion that Putin and Trump are working together is nonsensical – Russia will never support the USA in any way. Just listen to Putin’s speech in the video below from a few weeks ago:

If Putin and Russia are trying to elect Trump, it’s not because they’re close to him – it’s because Russia believes that Trump’s presidency will benefit them. China and Russia have become close over the years – they are military partners and their economic and political views are very similar. Earlier this year, China’s Finance Minister Lou Jiwei called Donald Trump “irrational” adding that “the United States wouldn’t be entitled to world leadership” if a man like Trump becomes the President. With Chinese leaders openly speaking about how Trump’s presidency would destroy the USA and China’s close relation to Russia, it’s no wonder to see why Russia wants to see Trump become President. It’s not because they’re best friends – it’s because they believe he’s a joke and it would suit them best.


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