The Take Down of George Soros Has Begun

How a Rogue Alliance Betrayed the Rothschild’s and attempted to hijack the One World Government

After the BREXIT and Trump’s win at the election, George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have nowhere to hide. The business magnate is quickly running out of friends and is facing a major take-down.

Outside of the conspiracy theories and unsupported information like Putin issuing an arrest warrant for Soros, real information on Soros’ take down is hard to come by. However, there’s enough suggestive evidence against Soros which will come to the surface after the recent political happenings in the world. We’re not going to focus on every one of these details which can easily be found online – instead, we’ll focus on broader strokes and connections which make a larger pattern.

The first one is open borders. Both Soros and his organizations have been secretly funding ISIS and the migrant crisis in order to create chaos – some people claim that George Soros himself is funding ISIS recruits in the USA. The Open Society Foundation and its organizations have recently been gaining a lot of attention due to their involvement in the anti-Israeli operations. This might be an attempt to cut off Israel’s connections to the USA and isolate the nation, although why Soros would want this is not immediately clear.

The coup that overthrew the Ukrainian government was also Soros’ doing. The main cause was to control the natural gas flow and prevent Putin from having it. After the coup, the son of VP Joe Biden was appointed a member of a board of a natural gas company based in Eastern Ukraine. Biden serves the interests of the USA and George Soros – the establishment first infiltrates and overtakes business industries in Europe and divides nations and companies from the inside.

In the meantime, Ukraine was being completely absorbed into the Eurasian Union thanks to trade deals with Russia and China. Removing the support from Kiev was key to preventing all of Europe from being aligned with large Eurasian Union mandates. The BREXIT was voted by interests within Great Britain hedging a geopolitical strategy in case they need to separate from Europe and remaining aligned with North America.

Soros has also been directly involved with the attempted overthrow of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Syria is close with Russia, which is one of the reasons, but it’s also a problem for the business interests of both Soros and the Clintons.

The natural gas line from Qatar to Europe is another problem. The line flows through Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey and has been funded by the Clintons. Assad refused to have it go through Syria, and Soros and the USA needed the line in order to keep Europe from being drawn into the Eurasian Union, which is a key piece of the developing global governance network.

Soros has had business relations with the House of Saud in the past. These relations will be further examined as a part of the investigation into 9/11 and what’s the true nature of the American establishment and its control over both the Democrats and Republicans. If you ask us, 9/11 was an attempt to stop the transformation of the international monetary system by using the event to hijack the global governance process. Luckily, the hijack never occurred.

George Soros has also played a part in manipulating the western policy towards Russia and China. The NATO buildup on the Russian borders took place at the same time a coup attempt was made in Turkey and Ukraine besides the ongoing war in Syria. Recently, evidence has become to appear about Clinton and Soros’ involvement in the Turkish coup. Erdogan has begun realigning Turkey with Russia, which would have dealt a big blow to Soros’ interests and businesses, including the route of migrants being forced through Europe.

The rise of China and its integration into the international monetary system has served the interests of the Rothschildsas well as the global banking interests. China is currently being groomed to remove and replace the USD as the international reserve currency.

Soros has been considered responsible for the USA delaying the implementation of the IMF 2010 quota and the Governance Reforms. The magnate is doing this to shift away from the USD-based unipolar system or in order to control the SDR development to ensure that the dollar remains the dominate asset within the group.

The Panama Paper Leaks was Soros’ attempt to expose Rothschild’s connections in the global banking network with the intent of gaining control over the global governance process. The attempted coup against the Rothschilds and the banking powers can have a bloody and violent outcome. The BREXIT vote was the first step against Soros and the American establishment, which was followed by the election of Donald Trump. Trump will enact policies to stop immigration from terrorist supporting nations which are secretly aligned with George Soros and his organizations.

Trump has also openly talked about adopting closer relations with Russia and Putin and aims to destroy ISIS in the Middle East. This might include building a stronger Israel and elimination of the House of Saud. The anti-Israel policy of Soros are directly against the voice of Trump, who has said that he will support Israel. The American embassy might move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, although we’re still not sure what this means for the future. The renegotiation between Trump and Iran will surely include Israel, and Trump might be the first American president that will bring peace to the Middle East, which would be a big defeat for Soros.

Trump will surely look at NATO alternatives as well. Russia has called on him to remove the NATO troops from their borders which will likely happen soon. The representatives of the Anglo-American establishment in Europe are now quickly learning that a major political shift is currently underway. Repairing the relations with Russia should top their list as the Eurasian Union is quickly gaining ground. This is another major blow to George Soros and his evil organizations.

As you can see, he is running out of places to hide, including the mainstream media. The alternative media will be the winners this time. It may take some time, but trust us – empires are replaced from within, and the seeds of the alternative media are planted years in advance. The election of Donald Trump and the rise of internet based media are proof of that.

With the ongoing Trump demonstrations, Soros is trying to reverse the electoral decision in the USA. Don’t be fooled thinking the protestors are just common people voicing their opinion against Trump – there’s great power behind the opposition. Two opposed masses could spell civil war, although the forces currently working against Soros won’t let that happen.

We’re still unsure if Soros realized that he was just a pawn in a much larger game. The Rothschilds are only the outer face of a powerful baking empire which runs the world. Soros may have been presented with an opening which his nature couldn’t resist, but the years of creating chaos throughout the world have opened the door to a new form of nationalism, which is now trying to hijack the global governance system.

The trend and pattern is very clear – just keep watching the news and events will prove what we wrote of today. A major shadow war between the biggest world players has begun, and there might be casualties on both sides. The war against Soros is on, and many players will even change sides if one gains hand over the other.


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