This is Why You Should NEVER Put Crocs On Your Feet Again

Crocs first started being sold somewhere around 2000, but they only became very popular about a decade ago, and nowadays it seems that almost anyone chooses crocs over sandals, and footwear, both in the house and outside of it.

Their odd appearance might be a bit unappealing, but their comfort is what makes people wear them. However, according to studies, Crocs are not at all healthy, regardless of how much they are advertised as such.


Your Health and Crocs

Many parents believe that crocs are good for keeping a healthy posture in both themselves and their children and many pediatricians have been swarmed with questions about this popular footwear. However, as most experts agree, crocs are not quite what people believe them to be. Dr. Meagan Leahy, an experienced pediatrician says that crocs are not a proper alternative to standard footwear.

Unfortunately Crocs are not suitable for non-stop wear use,” says the doctor. “Crocs can’t adequately secure the heel, and when the heel is unstable, the toes start gripping, which can lead to toe deformities, nail problems, tendinitis, calluses and corns.”

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most commonly occurring types of tendinitis. Plantar fasciitis causes the connecting tendon between your toes and heel to lose strength and start inflaming. This in turns lead to movement impairment and severe pains.

In more severe cases, the condition can lead to a bone spur, a calcium accumulation that causes bone protrusion, in the connecting tissue between the ankle and tendon, consequently resulting in more pains and the need of corrective surgery.

Fake Crocs and Cancer

As was found by a German laboratory analysis, most croc shaped footwear and fake crocs are full of carcinogenic substances that can easily penetrate your skin and enter your system, thus increasing your risk of cancer.

The analysis was done after WestdeutscherRundfunk, a German broadcasting corporation submitted 10 types of plastic footwear inspired by Crocs, but also the original footwear, to the laboratory to be analyzed. After the results came, it was found that 60% of the shoes had the PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) carcinogenic substance in them.

This substance, according to the National Toxicology Program’sReport on Carcinogens Nr.13, was found to lead to a higher risk of liver, lung, and skin cancer.

And even though the original Crocs weren’t found to contain any PAHs, the laboratory test showed that they were still made with substances that lead to allergic reactions and skin irritations.

So, if you still don’t want to stop using your crocs, you can at least protect yourself from skin irritations and allergies by wearing socks. You should also make sure that the ones you buy are actually the original footwear, and not the knock-offs.

One method of determining the toxicity of the shoes is to smell them. If the shoes emit a sweet or powerful odor, they could possibly be made with carcinogenic or toxic substances.

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