This Man Built An Amazing House In A 700-Year-Old Cave

There are many great alternatives to common houses and all of them are beautiful. From earth ships to tiny “hobbit” homes, people have been trying to get away from traditional housing in recent years. However, the incredible living space of Angelo Mastropietro, ex-manager of an Australian recruitment company will leave you speechless.


10 years ago, Angelo was forced inside a cave while running away from a rainstorm. Amazed by its beauty, he bought the cave in Worcestershire, UK and started renovating it. The 38-year old spent more than 160 000 pounds and over 1000 work hours to complete his masterpiece, which includes a fireplace, heated towel rack and even a rainfall shower!

In 2007, Angelo has been unfortunately diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which later left him completely paralyzed. This led to his decision to buy the cave and enjoy the beautiful things in life. Watch the video below to see a short video of his amazing house:

Angelo’s story shows us that we don’t need to live in luxurious skyscraper apartments to be happy. If people start using alternative housing structures, this could become a trend. Angelo took a reactive approach to his illness, and used his still good health at the time to make himself happy and enjoy his wonderful house.


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