Trump Just Pissed EVERYONE OFF At Grammys With The Secret Way He Showed Up On The Red Carpet

Ever since Donald Trump was elected, many liberals in Hollywood have been extremely vocal about their disdain for our president. And while they all gather together for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, we were all bracing for more anti-Trump rhetoric, as their awards shows seems to be the platform lately for them to spew their hate. But surprisingly, what one black singer decided to wear while she was strutting her stuff on the red carpet tonight had conservatives around the country completely floored, and every liberal in Hollywood completely losing their shi*t.

Obviously not giving a flying crap about what people thought about her, Trump supporter and music artist Joy Villa arrived at the awards show looking absolutely stunning as she shocked the crowd in a gorgeous red, white, and blue gown with the slogan, “Make American Great Again.” But the real shocker came when Joy turned around however, with a special “kiss my ass” message on the back for all the Trump-haters around the world to gaze at:

OMG this is great! What an insane political statement! What makes it even more epic is because Joy is black, liberals can’t just bask her and call her a “racist” for supporting Trump!

H/T [NY Daily News]

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