It’s nearly 2017.

That means Donald Trump becomes president.

It also means America’s enemies had better watch the f*** out!

Here’s Trump’s tweet from this morning…

From Independent:

It’s the time of year for looking forward. It’s when people look for the good in the world, and in one another, and try and let bygones be bygones.

At least, that is how it works for most people.

On New Year’s Eve, President-elect Donald Trump once again underscored how untypical he is, with a Twitter message that left many people scratching their heads.

Mr Trump’s message comes as he finds himself at the centre of fresh controversy over his relationship with Russia, and its leader Vladimir Putin.

Last week, Barack Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats from the US in retaliation for Moscow’s alleged cyber-meddling in the presidential election.

It was widely expected that Mr Putin would reciprocate in kind, but he chose not to. Mr Trump used Twitter to praise Mr Putin’s tactics, saying it was a “great move”.

On Friday, Mr Putin congratulated Mr Trump, rather than Mr Obama, in his annual New Year’s greetings statement to foreign heads of state and government.

Mr Putin said he hoped that after Trump is sworn in, the two countries, “acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner, will be able to take real steps to restore the mechanisms of bilateral cooperation”.

Classic Trump for the win!

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