Trump’s Executive Order Just Saved The Lives Of Two Liberal Icons–Mainstream Media Silent

President Trump’s ban on Muslim terrorists, aka “refugees,” has already saved the lives of liberal icons Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z. Two “refugees” from one of the banned Muslim countries were found to be carrying blueprints of the music moguls’ home and detailed descriptions of their security staff. One of them even a job interview lined up through Obama’s State Department for a job on her security detail.

According to customs officials in Guam, where the terrorists were held for questioning because they traveled from Morrocco with a layover in Afghanistan, a banned den of radical Islamic terrorists, without being able to prove their whereabouts for more than 20 minutes at the airport in Karachi. A border agent told Fox News:

“These people could have gone anywhere and done anything for those 21 and a half minutes. Sure, airport surveillance kind of supports their claim that they were having smoothies at Fudruckers, but without cameras inside the restaurant and knowing what we know about radical Islam, we did all we could to ensure the safety of two high visibility American targets.

The man with the interview had a valid green card, which means nothing since his plane had a layover in a terrorist country. He told interviewers that the diagram and security details were pertinent information about his potential job assignment, but that doesn’t account for the fact that he has family that fled Syria, making him guilty by association.

Trump saved Beyonce and Jay Z’s lives. How much do you want to bet they still decry the Muslim ban as being somehow unconstitutional at some awards show next week?

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