VIDEO: Pervert Touches Nurse, Moments Later Doctor Teaches Him Lesson With Stunning Weapon

A Russian doctor beat up a perverted patient so badly that the man died in an attack caught on closed circuit video. But that wasn’t the most shocking aspect of the incident — it was the fact that the doctor managed to do it only with his fists.

According to the U.K. Telegraph the attack occurred in December of 2015 in the city of Belgorod, close to Russia’s southern border with Ukraine. The video begins with surgeon Ilya Zelendinov bursting into an examination room to confront the shirtless pervert, identified as Yevgeny Bakhtin, 56.

The doctor is seen grabbing the patient and pulling him up to his feet, asking him, “why did you touch the nurse?”

He then pushes the patient into the next room, where he proceeds to assault a man who came in with him, pushing him up against the door.

However, the patient lingers around, and the doctor eventually gets back to him. He gives him a single blow to the head, which knocks the patient out. While the doctor and others tried to revive the man, they were unable to. He would later be pronounced dead.

Here’s the video. We must warn you that it is graphic, and given the outcome, it will be disturbing to some viewers.

“The cause of death of the victim was trauma to the skull and brain from hitting the back of the head on the hard surface of the floor,” Belgorod’s Investigative Committee said in a statement. They also claimed that the patient “kicked a nurse during a procedure.”

Given that it took almost a week to address the case, many are saying that the case is emblematic of Russia’s culture of medical cover-ups. However, officials deny there was any delay.

Doctors and nurses are more often the victims of violence than its perpetrators, so this case is pretty extreme.

According to the Moscow Times, Dr. Zelendinov was sentenced to nine years in prison last March for the death. He also cannot practice medicine for three years after he finishes his sentence.

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