Vile Anti-Trump Teacher Gets Her A** Handed To Her After Secret Service Saw What She’s Showing Kids

The public school system devolved under Barack Obama when liberalism took precedence over learning. The effects of that are still being seen today as teachers diseased by this political belief wish to impart it on impressionable children worse than ever before since there’s a new Sherrif in the oval office who is a true leader and threat to their rhetoric.

When it came to predicting the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, liberals were about as good at that as they were in predicting the victor. Take a look at what CNN’s dumbest contributor predicted would happen “when” Hillary wins the election:


The New York Times reported that “Some Donald Trump supporters warn of revolution if Hillary Clinton is elected.” Vox warned that we could see civil violence targeting minorities if Hillary is elected – which is hilarious given the number of liberals (including Vox themselves) who warned that we’d see a wave of violence against minorities is elected because violent Trump supporters would feel validated by the victory (I know – it makes no sense).

Of course, in reality, what actually happened was Donald Trump won – then there was a wave of violence against his supporters, and a number of alleged hate crimes committed in his name that were exposed as hoaxes. In fact, the Left is still so triggered by Trump’s victory that a teacher can get away with acting out an assassination of the man in class.

As Red State Watcher reported:

A teacher decided to symbolically shoot a Projector image of President Trump during the inauguration by using a squirt gun and screaming “die! die!”. It’s unknown from the video how many students were witness to it but it was a clearly despicable act that should not have happened and should not be tolerated.


OK – she’s just being an idiot here, but it’s striking how different the reaction is between when liberals lose elections, and when conservatives win elections. Liberals cycle through the five stages of grief, rioting, and grieving. Meanwhile, when conservatives lose, we say “oh well,” learn from what we did wrong, and then go to work (and not make comments about assassinating who we lost to).

Unfortunately for her, she’s going to be getting the same treatment Madonna did for her comments about “blowing up the White House.” The Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday night the Secret Service is “aware” of the video, as is the school district she works at.

The video was posted on January 20 to the Instagram account of Payal Modi, identified as an art teacher at a Dallas school. She’s since made her Instagram private, for obvious reasons.

Adios, employment.


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