When this burqa-clad Muslim was pulled over by a police officer, she tried to play the race-card to get herself out of a traffic violation. When her pathetic ploy fails, she lashes out at the cop, saying “he’ll be sorry.” Unfortunately for her, however, she’s the one who ended up being sorry…

According to Top Right News, proud Muslim Carnita Matthews was pulled over for a random breath test and received a citation for not properly displaying her “provisional license” (as an immigrant) as required by law. Matthews responded by filing a false complaint against the cop, claiming she was only pulled over because she was wearing a traditional burqa. In her complaint, the Muslim claimed the officer tried to forcibly remove her veil.

She had no idea the cop was filming her during their entire encounter…

Dashcam footage proved that Matthews was lying, and she paid a heavy price for what she had done. The video confirmed that the Muslim had committed a documented fraud, and she was sent to prison for six months for filing a false complaint against the police officer.

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