WATCH: ICE Chief Celebrates Trump! ‘Has Done More For Border Security And Public Safety’ Than last 6 Presidents Combined

Thomas Homan, acting chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement appeared on Fox & Friends on Monday and within a matter of moments outlined President Trump’s continued commitment to our nation’s security.

“This president has done more for border security and public safety than any of the six presidents I’ve worked for. Just since his leadership in January, border crossings are at a 45-year low. Now that’s not a coincidence. That’s because this president has let the men and women of Border Patrol and ICE do their job.”


As a candidate, then Republican nominee Donald Trump promised America that if he became president his first duty in “Making America Great” again would be to once again enforce immigration law.

Moreover, when the Donald actually won the presidency and became the 45th President of the United States, he immediately lived up to his promise and within the first 100 days of his administration more than 41,000 illegal aliens (many with criminal records) were arrested and deported.

Homan was nominated last month to permanently take over the interior enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security.

Furthermore, his no-nonsense approach in combating illegal immigration mirrors that of the president’s. In June he told the estimated 11 to 15 million illegal aliens hiding in the United States to “look over your shoulder” because the era of appeasement and ambiguity under the previous administration has come to a screeching stop.

Moreover, Homan has gone on record of publicly opposing Obama’s pro-sanctuary city policies and limiting ICE from actually doing their jobs regarding detaining criminal illegal immigrants who have been picked up by state and local law enforcement and turning them back unto the streets of America.

Remarkably without even building the wall under President Trump illegal crossings are down almost 70%.

Homan credits the reason for the dramatic decline in the wider net the administration casts when picking up people for deportation.

Administration officials say the decline in Border Patrol arrests to the lowest level since 1971 doesn’t undercut justification for Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

Do you think building the wall will further reduce violent crime and drugs pouring into our country?

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